Trails and Conditions Report

Snow Report Latest Update: 3/29/21
New Snow last 7 days Thanks for a great season! Our winter season officially ended on 3/28. The snowpack will linger for a few weeks but is already getting a bit patchy and inconsistent. At this point people are welcome to hike on the snowshoe trails at no charge but we ask that you don’t walk on the ski trails to help preserve the remaining snow for our die-hard skiers. Snowshoes or MICROspikes are still recommended but not required and will be available to rent until the snowpack diminishes further.
New Snow last 24 hours N/A

Season Pass 20-21 Season Ski Days as of 3/28/21:  37


PLEASE NOTE that parking in our parking lot, and using the Lodge, restrooms, all portable toilets, and any other Nordic Village facilities are reserved for paying guests ONLY.

The Lodge is open only for purchases and restroom use, no guests are permitted to sit, wait, lounge, or linger inside. Thanks for your understanding – this is for your safety and that of our overnight guests and employees.

There is NO SNOWPLAY OR SLEDDING at the Nordic Village this season to prevent crowding and reduce COVID-19 transmission risk.

Opening Report


Latest Update: 3/29/21

Ski Trails CLOSED Skiing is closed for the 20-21 season- thanks for a season!
Multi-Use(Snowshoe) Trails OPEN  Open for hiking & biking. Traction devices like snowshoes or MICROspikes may still be helpful
Yurts and Cabins OPEN Open for Business!

WINTER HOURS: Open for skiing and snowshoeing (when snow conditions allow) 9 am to 4 pm Thursday through Sunday. Closed Mondays except holidays and winter school breaks, Closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Cabins & Yurts available 7 days a week!

SUMMER HOURS: Trails are open 24/7 and the Lodge is staffed at least 8 am to 2 pm every day.

Skate/Classic Ski Trails

Skate/Classic ski trails are groomed in the winter season to accommodate skate skiing and classic skiing. These ski trails are approximately 16-feet wide with classic track set when possible on one side and the remaining area groomed to a corduroy finish. We typically groom either the evening prior or in the morning, conditions and weather dependent. Dog Trail and some of the trails to the North are now Fatbike and Dog-friendly (see the chart below). Please note that dogs MUST BE ON LEAST AT ALL TIMES. Fatbikers should be conscious of their speed and ride respectfully and under control, and PLEASE do not ride in or across the classic track grooves.

Snowshoe/Multi-Use Trails

Multi-Use/Snowshoe Trails are open to all users. Multi-use trails may be packed by a snowmobile to accommodate snow biking and will not be groomed for classic or skate skiing. Dogs may use all snowshoe/multi-use trails as well. Fat Bike tires must be a minimum of 3.8″ in width. Electric Fat bikes not permitted.


Ski trails will be updated as soon as our groomers are able to determine our conditions and relay that to the lodge staff.

We kindly ask that you help keep our limited staff free to help guests by using this page and online weather forecasts for updates about snowfall and ski conditions as opposed to calling the lodge.

Note: a few ski trails on the northern end of the trail system are now fatbike-friendly 🙂

Trail KM Activity Status
Babbitt Trail 5.8K Ski Groomed 3/26 w classic

North Babbitt from each end of Deer

Black Bear Trail 1.3K Ski

Groomed 3/26, w/ classic

Blizzard Trail   Ski, Fatbike CLOSED
Coyote Trail 1.9K Ski CLOSED
Deer Trail 1.9K Ski Groomed 3/26 w/Classic
Dog Trail  5.7K Ski, Fatbike, Snowshoe, Dog-Friendly Groomed 3/26 w/classic, hazards exist as it is thin
El Nino Trail Ski, Fatbike CLOSED
Fox Trail   Ski, Fatbike, Snowshoe Groomed 3/14
Golden Eagle Trail   Ski CLOSED
Goshawk Trail 3.4K Ski Groomed – 3/26 w/classic
Lightning Trail 0.8K Ski, Fatbike CLOSED
Porcupine Loop Trail 1.6K Ski Groomed 3/26 w/Classic
Prairie Dog Trail 1.9K Ski Groomed – North End w/Wild Turkey connector 3/26

Rest of Prairie Dog is closed

Snowflake 0.9K Ski, Fatbike CLOSED
Thunder Trail 1.3K Ski, Fatbike CLOSED
Tornado Trail 1.4K Ski, Fatbike CLOSED
Squirrel Trail  0.2K Ski CLOSED
Wapiti Trail 2K Ski CLOSED
Wild Turkey Trail 2.1K Ski Groomed 3/26 w/Classic
Wind Trail  Ski CLOSED

Multi-Use Trails: snowshoe/fatbike/ski & dog-friendly!

Aa Trail   Snowshoe, Fatbike, Ski
Basalt Trail 1.6K Snowshoe, Fatbike, Ski
Cinder  Trail 1.8K Snowshoe, Fatbike, Ski
Dog Trail 5.7K Snowshoe, Fatbike, Ski
Lava Trail 3.9K Snowshoe, Fatbike, Ski
Magma Trail 1.7K Snowshoe, Fatbike, Ski
Volcano Trail 2.1K Snowshoe, Fatbike, Ski